Our Services & Products

We offer a large range of landscaping and garden supplies and other items also like firewood. The best thing to do is come down and visit us and see for yourself the quality and range of our products!

Our services and products include:

Sand | Soil | Toppings | Mulch | Rocks | Pebbles | Dyed Wood Chips (Red & Black) | Screenings | Turf | Bricks & Blocks | Firewood | Gas Bottles

Soil & Sand




Bush Mulch

Pine Mulch

Budget Compost Mulch

Mushroom Mulch

Screening and Crushed Rock

(Colours may vary)

Blue Screenings - 20mm

Blue Screenings 7-10mm

Scoria 20mm

Scoria 7-10mm

Blue Crushed Rock - 20mm

Grey Crushed Rock - 20mm


Garden Rocks! Big & small! Come and check them out... great for retaining walls or just jazzing up the garden!

Pink Mudstone

Yellow Honey Granite

Devils Marbles

Wood Chips

(Colours may vary)

Red Dyed Wood Chips

Black Dyed Wood Chips

Bricks & Blocks


All different bricks, blocks and pavers


Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers



Stringybark and Messmate

Delivery Available

Colours may vary with different products at different times of year

Come in and visit us or contact us if you have any questions!